** March 1, 2006: Software temporarily unavailable until update process is completed **

The Applied Technology Council (ATC) is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the ATC-20i Mobile Postearthquake Building Safety Evaluation Data Acquisition System (Version 1.0). This personal digital assistant (PDA) application has been developed to facilitate the collection and management of postearthquake safety inspections of earthquake-damaged buildings using the ATC-20 procedures released by ATC in 1989 (ATC-20 Report, ATC-20-1 Field Manual) and updated in 1995 (ATC-20-2 Report). The ATC-20i PDA application enables engineers and building officials to complete the ATC-20 rapid and detailed evaluation forms in the field, print posting placards in the field, and submit the data electronically to the ATC server, where it is stored and tabulated for use by the jurisdictions affected by the earthquake. The application operates on PDAs using Palm Software.

The ATC-20i PDA application is available in two versions: (1) a licensed version that is licensed annually for a small fee; and (2) a freeware version that allows data acquisition in the field, without the possibility of transmission to the ATC server (the freeware version expires after 30 uses). To purchase the software license, go to our online store, under Product Index select ATC-Reports: Building Seismic Hazard Mitigation; then select Postearthquake Damage and Safety Evaluation of Buildings. Here you will find all ATC''s guidelines and related materials for postearthquake evaluation and repair of damaged buildings, including the ATC-20i cost and licensing procedure. Upon verification of your purchace, you will receive an e-mail containing specific instructions for downloading the software, and a temporary password, which you may change after installation.