April 19, 2006

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On April 19, 2006, at the 100th Anniversary Earthquake Conference Commemorating the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the Western States Seismic Policy Council (WSSPC) awarded Christopher Rojahn, Executive Director of the Applied Technology Council, and Lloyd S. Cluff of Pacific Gas & Electric Company, San Francisco, California, the 2006 WSSPC Lifetime Achievement Award in Earthquake Risk Reduction.

WSSPC created the award to recognize outstanding leaders in earthquake risk reduction. Awardees will have demonstrated throughout his or her career an extraordinary commitment, level of service, and contribution to the application of earthquake risk reduction to public policy.

Under Christopher Rojahn''s leadership as Executive Director of the Applied Technology Council, ATC has expanded from an emerging organization in earthquake engineering to a major contributor to earthquake risk reduction. ATC projects undertaken and completed during Chris'' tenure have established the basis for earthquake engineering practice in the United States and have greatly influenced public policy in earthquake risk reduction.

Lloyd Cluff was recognized for his achievements during his 45-year career as a world-renowned expert in earthquake geology, well-published research scientist, public policy champion of earthquake safety, inspiring educator, sought-after consultant, president and board member of many professional organizations, and successful business leader. As a geologist in the private sector, Lloyd has used the lessons learned from his investigations of significant earthquakes to improve engineering design practices, seismic safety, and earthquake preparedness.

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