Briefing Papers

Training Materials to Improve the Quality of the Design and Construction of Buildings to Resist Earthquakes

ATC-48The joint venture partnership of the Applied Technology Council (ATC) and the Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC) has developed Built to Resist Earthquakes, a training curriculum to improve the quality of the seismic design and construction of buildings. The curriculum serves as a resource for continuing education of architects, engineers, building officials and inspectors. Bound in a three-ring notebook, the curriculum consists of several hundred pages of training materials pertaining to the seismic design and retrofit of (1) wood-frame buildings, (2) concrete and masonry construction, and (3) nonstructural components.

The curriculum contains:

  • Detailed, illustrated, instructional material (lessons) describing how to improve the quality of seismic design, inspection, construction and retrofit. A detailed description of the lesson structure can be downloaded as a pdf file;
  • Six multi-part, two-color Briefing Papers -- concise, easy-to-read, summary overviews of important issues and topics intended to facilitate improvement in the quality of seismic design, inspection, and construction; and
  • Job Aids -- checklists and other tools to facilitate job performance, including construction observation, special inspection, and quality assurance procedures.

Copies of the curriculum Briefing Papers and Job Aids can be downloaded as pdf files.

John Henry's curriculum presentations may also be downloaded as PowerPoint files.

Copies of the ATC/SEAOC Joint Venture Training Curriculum can be obtained from our online store.