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Other Events

Date(s) Title Location Notes
Jan. 26, 2017 Symposium on Structural Engineering Equity and Engagement San Francisco, California ATC is a sponsor; Ayse Hortacsu is Emcee
Jan. 26-27, 2017 NHERI RAPID Facility Community Workshop: Identifying Data Gathering Opportunities and Facility User Needs, University of Washington Seattle, Washington Executive Director Jon Heintz is invited to participate
Jan. 30-31, 2017

The presentation, Regulatory environment for school infrastructure in the United States: past, present, and future, will be presented at A Roadmap for Safer Schools Workshop

London, United Kingdom Veronica Cedillos will present
Feb, 1-2, 2017 California Earthquake Authority Research Forum, Sacramento Convention Center Sacramento, California Executive Director Jon Heintz is invited to participate
Feb. 2, 2017

New Zealand 2010-11, 2016 Earthquakes: Relevance to NYC and US Critical Infrastructure

New York, New York ATC is an outreach
Feb. 7, 2017 SEAoNY All Day Seminar: Building in New York: Construction Administration, Means and Methods New York, New York  
Mar. 7-10, 2017 69th EERI Annual Meeting Portland, Oregon ATC is conducting a FEMA E-74 training under NETAP*
April 6-8, 2017 SEI Structures Congress 2017 Denver, Colorado ATC is a presenter
May 21-24, 2017 13th Americas Conference on Wind Engineering Gainesville, Florida  ATC is a sponsor


About *NETAP. Instructor services and expenses for this training is funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Earthquake Technical Assistance Program (NETAP), which is a mechanism for delivering direct assistance to the public to increase their knowledge and ability to analyze their risk, make a plan, and take actions aimed at reducing their earthquake risk and supporting overall community resilience. NETAP is a program managed by FEMA to rapidly deploy training and technical assistance to organizations and communities. For more information about NETAP please visit the FEMA website by clicking here.