Now Available! FEMA P-2090/ NIST SP-1254 Special Report

The joint FEMA P-2090/ NIST SP-1254 Special Report, Recommended Options for Improving the Built Environment for Post-Earthquake Reoccupancy and Functional Recovery Time, is available for immediate download.  This report was requested by Congress as part of the most recent National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) reauthorization, and is the work of a Committee of Experts including more than 30 individuals from federal agencies, nongovernmental organizations, private sector entities, disaster management professional associations, engineering professional associations, and professional construction and homebuilding industry associations.

The report provides options in the form of recommendations, tasks, and alternatives for improving the built environment to increase resilience and reduce the impacts of future natural hazard events.  It includes one overarching recommendation and six additional supporting recommendations. Across all recommendations, there are 17 tasks identifying necessary actions and nine possible alternative actions needed for implementation.  Finally, the report includes an assessment of the recommendations and describes a path forward for implementation.  

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January 25, 2000

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New Officers and Committee Members:

At its annual Organizational meeting on January 15, 2000 in Berkeley, California, the ATC Board of Directors elected Arthur N. L. Chiu (University of Hawaii at Manoa ) as ATC President, replacing Edwin T. Dean (Nishkian Dean, Portland, Oregon), who will now serve as Past President. Andrew T. Merovich (A. T. Merovich & Associates, Inc., San Rafael, California) was elected as Vice President., and Stephen H. Pelham (Barrish, Pelham & Partners, Inc., Sacramento, California) as Secretary/Treasurer. Each will serve a 1-year term.


Arthur N.L. Chiu


Andrew T. Merovich


Stephen H. Pelham
During the same meeting, the following committees were appointed:

Executive Committee: Arthur Chiu, Andrew Merovich, Stephen Pelham, Edwin Dean, and James Cagley (Cagley & Associates, Rockville, Maryland)

Bylaws and Policy. Edwin Dean

Design Guides. Maryann Phipps (Chairman) (Degenkolb Engineers, San Francisco, California), Ronald Hamburger (EQE International, Oakland, California), Robert Dean (University of Florida, Gainesville), and Richard Hess (Hess Engineering, Inc., Los Alamitos, California)

Endowment Committee. James Cagley (Chairman), Arthur Chiu, James Delahay (Lane Bishop York Delahay, Inc., Birmingham, Alabama), Edwin Johnson (Atkinson, Johnson and Spurrier, San Diego, California), Newland Malmquist (Larsen and Malmquist, Salt Lake City, Utah), Maryann Phipps, Richard Phillips (Hillman Biddison & Loevenguth, Los Angeles, California), Jonathan Shipp (EQE International, Irvine, California), and Charles Thornton (Thornton-Tomasetti, New York City, New York)

Financial Statement Review. Stephen Pelham (Chairman), Edwin Johnson, Andrew Merovich, Maryann Phipps

Multi-Hazard Mitigation. Robert Dean (Chairman), Steven Baldridge (Baldridge & Associates, Honolulu, Hawaii), James Cagley, James Delahay, Maryann Phipps

Personnel. Andrew Merovich (Chairman), Patrick Buscovich (Patrick Buscovich, Structural Engineer, San Francisco, California), James Cagley, and Edwin Dean

Publications. Edwin Dean (Chairman), James Delahay, Stephen Pelham, and Lawrence Reaveley (University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah)

Seminars. James Delahay (Chairman), Patrick Buscovich, Edwin Johnson, and Stephen Pelham

Strategic Planning. Edwin Dean (Chairman), James Cagley, Maryann Phipps, and Lawrence Reaveley

Liaison Assignments.

 American Society of Civil Engineers:  L. Reaveley
 Building Seismic Safety Council:  C. Thornton
 Earthquake Engineering Research Institute:  C. Comartin (tentative)
 Institute for Business and Home Safety:  D. Kim
 National Council of Structural Engineers Associations:  J. Delahay
 Structural Engineers Association of California  R. Hamburger
 Structural Engineers Association of Central California  Stephen Pelham
 Structural Engineers Association of Northern California  P. Buscovich
 Structural Engineers Association of San Diego  E. Johnson
 Structural Engineers Association of Southern California  R. Hess
 Western Council of Structural Engineers Associations  S. Baldridge, Edwin Dean

Meeting Dates and Locations

 Saturday, April 15, 2000  Washington, DC
 Saturday, July 22, 2000  Newport Beach or Irvine, California area
 Saturday, October 28, 2000  Hawaii
 Saturday, January 20, 2001  San Francisco Bay area, California