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ATC-48 Briefing Papers & Job Aids

ATC/SEAOC Training Curriculum: The Path to Quality Seismic Design and Construction (ATC-48)

Curriculum Briefing Papers:

  1. Building Safety and Earthquakes
    A. Earthquake Shaking and Building Response
    B. Earthquake Forces in Buildings
    C. Earthquake Resisting Systems
    D. The Seismic Load Path
  2. Roles and Responsibilities of Engineers, Architects, and Code Enforcement Officials
    A. The Need for Improved Coordination
    B. Identification and Resolution of Major Issues
  3. Seismic Response of Wood Frame Construction
    A. How Earthquakes Affect Wood Buildings
    B. The Role of Wood-Framed Diaphragms
    C. The Role of Wood-Framed Shear Walls
  4. Seismic Response of Concrete and Masonry Construction
    A. Ground Shaking and Earthquake Loads
    B. The Role of Diaphragms
    C. The Role of Shear Walls and Frames
    D. The Importance of Ductility
  5. Seismic Response of Nonstructural Components
    A. Overview of Component Types and Behavior
    B. Proper Anchorage of Ceilings, Interior Walls, Glazing, and Parapets
    C. Proper Anchorage of Cladding and Equipment
  6. Seismic Code Requirements for Anchorage of Nonstructural Components
    A. Performance Implications of Evolving Codes
    B. Design Example Using Current UBC Requirements


Job Aids:

Wood Frame Construction

  1. Inspection Checklist for Wood Frame Shear Walls

Concrete and Masonry Construction

  1. Designer Checklist for Masonry Construction
  2. Inspection Checklist for Masonry Construction
  3. Class B Lap Splice Table

Nonstructural Building Components

  1. Standard Details for Bracing of Suspended Ceilings and Standard Detail for Bracing Interior Non-Load-Bearing Partitions, with supporting documentation conforming to the 1997 Uniform Building Code (or download as an AutoCadtm file).
    ** Disclamer: While the information presented in these details is believed to be correct, the Applied Technology Council, the Structural Engineers Association of California, and the California Seismic Safety Commission assume no responsibility for its accuracy. These details should not be used nor relied upon for any specific application without competent examination and verification of their accuracy, suitability, and applicability by qualified professionals. Users of this information assume all liability arising from such use.**
  2. Coordination Matrix for Nonstructural Building Component Anchorage or Bracing

John Henry's Wood-Frame Lessons in PowerPointtm:

  1. Presentation guide
  2. Handout 1
  3. Handout 2